January 21, 2011

50 most loathsome Americans

Yeah, that isn't a very nice list to compile, but this one is pretty good. H/t to our friends at ATK for this one. Includes, quite high, btw, President Obama, so those right wing trolls who think that liberals are as mindless as those on the right need to read it. Always nice to see Glen Beck's mocking of a friend's miscarriage on the air as a radio prank to remind us what an absolute ass this man is. My personal favorite:
8) Jan Brewer
Charges: Gila Monster eugenics gone horrible awry. Killed two people, and another ninety-six languish, unable to afford the life-saving transplants for which she slashed state funding. Cut health care for kids too. Hates health care. Horny for the NRA; signed law nixing concealed carry permits, which had no ill effects in 2010. None. Don’t worry about it. Not a problem. Seriously. It’s totally cool. Attempted to justify the draconian racial profiling law SB 1070 by repeatedly citing fictional desert decapitations. Lambasted as the Himmler of the Southwest, she protested, saying her father died fighting the Nazis. He was never in the military. He died in ‘51. From lung cancer.
Aggravating factor: “God has placed me in this powerful position as Arizona’s governor.”

Two serious points. So damn tired of right-wing politicians blaming God for their political crap, and Brewer and Palin and others do this stuff all the time. Second, why are no conservative Christians talking about the fact that her cuts in healthcare (because god-forbid we actually raise taxes on the rich or anyone, for that matter) actually ended up in people dying. Those death panels that Palin and the entire right wing lied about? They are real, but just what happens when you put Republicans in charge of healthcare.

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