January 22, 2011

Stealing a theme from ATK: Jesus needs new PR, Facebook edition

Smitty has posted a few of these (including this one about the Kentucky Creationist museum including unicorns) and I immediately thought of it when an old friend from my church days posted this as his status update this morning:
A boy writes a letter to God."Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?"God replied" Dear Son,I'm not allowed in your schools." I challenge you to re-post this!

As I told him, this is shitty theology, and bad public policy. It is lying to Christians about what their rights are, and then presenting a stupid theology. Their God, evidently, who created the universe, is so pissy and or so weak, that if a school board decides to limit bible study, that God either throws a fit, or simply is incapable of protecting a child from harm.

This is beyond stupid, actually. This is pathetic. If this is the state of Christian thought, then God help us all. Jesus.


leighton said...

Good point; certainly nothing bad happened in Europe in the Middle Ages when God was omnipresent in public life.

Smitty said...

Speaking of the Middle Ages, my favorite theology of all time is the concept of indulgences. It didn't matter then what you said, did, ornhadbhappen to you. With enough gold, a place in heaven is guaranteed!

steves said...

This is a huge annoyance to me, but I don't see it as much as I used to. I occasionally post on a Christian board and this idea pops up from time to time. It is usually jumped on pretty quickly by people that are not idiots.

The boy who wrote that letter (and God, who replied), should get a D-. There are isolated incidents of schools clamping down on religion, but they are likely to hear from a variety of 1st Amendment groups. The fact is that while faculty led prayer is not ok, there is nothing to prevent students from praying, talking, or writing about their religion. There are also laws that mandate schools allow religious groups to meet after hours if the school is open to the public for other groups.

As a Christian, I can honestly say that what we have now works well and strikes a good balance. I don't want teacher led prayer or religious instruction. I can handle that after hours.

Bob said...

"The fact is that while faculty led prayer is not ok, there is nothing to prevent students from praying..."

To be more clear, the constititution protects a student's right to pray as much as it prevents a teacher from leading one.

Streak said...

I actually think that the God who responded in that letter should get an F. The kid is ignorant and probably has been lied to by his pastor and parents, but God should know better. :)

I don't get any of this. The "small government--keep government out of my life" conservatives who suddenly want their public schools to present their particular version of evangelical Christianity? The schools they badmouth, but somehow trust to present the Gospel well? This reminds me of the people who badmouth government consistently as inefficient and inept, but somehow trust it in death penalty cases to never make an error.

Smitty said...

You get a nod over at ATK today. Plus, I found two web sites that will most certainly send you to the hospital with an aneurysm. They nearly did that to me. I'm just sharing the agony.

Streak said...

Saw the nod. Thank you. I even clicked over on one of the links and nearly lost my lunch. Unbelievably sad. What did you call it? A bucket of stupid?