January 11, 2011

The consequences of right wing violence

In case people missed this in the comments, Dave has a good rundown of the 20 some people killed in the last few years, and a good take on the entire discussion. I agree that we often get mired in discussions of free speech and censorship--oh, and btw, I read this morning that Arizona was going to try and censor the Westboro people. That strikes me as odd, that talking about right wing rhetoric is bad, but it is ok to censor this church. Which, btw, suggests to me that the far right loves the Westboro people, because it gives them someone to hate on the far right.

Anyway. I am not looking to prosecute anyone for their speech, and I am not looking for new laws muzzling idiots like Limbaugh. I am looking for the grownup conservatives to actually shame those who use such irresponsible speech instead of cheering them on.

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