January 19, 2011

Sarah Palin Defends 'Blood Libel,'--still gets it wrong

Ah Sarah. What a nice person she is. Right? And so intellectually honest. She appears on Sean Hannity's show (he who wants to invade more countries because gas prices are climbing) rather than, you know, addressing a real journalist or honestly engaging with anyone other than her base, and says that she used the term "blood libel" perfectly right:
"Blood libel obviously means being falsely accused, or having blood on your hands," Palin said.
Except it also means using that false accusation to justify violence against an entire people. And it has a deep meaning in the Jewish community that Palin seems to completely disrespect.

But my favorite part is when she says that it is ridiculous to blame the actions of this guy on conservatives, but quite proper to blame him on liberals. Just as she seems to think that it is ridiculous to blame her or any other conservative for some extremist, but thinks that it is justified blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few radicals.

Let's face it. Not only is Sarah a media whore, but she is not a deep thinker. That shouldn't surprise us by this point. We have seen her lack of curiosity or willingness to educate herself. I think that Leighton is correct in that her only real goal is to keep her base happy and willing to buy her "books." BTW, I have a question pending with an old friend from my BSU days about the former half-time governor. He says he likes her work ethic, and her Christian values. I have not pointed out that her work ethic included quitting a job halfway through, but have asked him for any example of her living out actual Christian values. Has she ever treated an adversary with anything other than hatred and disrespect? Has she ever demonstrated compassion and grace to anyone other than her friends and supporters?

I will let you know the answer.


Smitty said...

I bet your friend ain't gonna answer you.

This is why Palin won't run for Preznit: she'd have to stop the book deals. Sure, Preznits write books, but she couldn't tour on the Hannity Blowjob Hour once a week.

Spike said...

The obsession that you liberals have with Palin is amusing. Chris Matthews never has a show unless he has at least one segment bashing Palin. Last night, Matthews had some people on who thought that maybe Palin wouldn't run for President after all (which would remove her as a threat to an obama second term). I wonder if that will cause Matthews to find another target? I hope not, I need the amusment.

Streak said...

Of course Spike. It isn't just that this anti-intellectual was almost a heart-beat away from the presidency. Or that she is an idiot who spouts untruths without a thought.

I don't watch Matthewsor any of them. But I am glad you find idiots like Palin so amusing.

Spike said...

No Streak, as ususal, you get it wrong. It is you liberal's obsession with Palin that I find amusing.

Streak said...

Of course, because as a conservative you have no interest in dialogue. Nice job. No room for discussion about how much Palin has contributed to this insanity, even if the liberals have been obsessed with her. No discussion about how dangerous and stupid she has been.

Nope, as a conservative, you have learned from the masters. Never admit error. Ever. Never.

Go away.