June 5, 2007

Couple of other notes

Kevin Powell has the YouTube clip of Brian McLaren discussing the "worship industry" which I think is worth watching.


The Anonymous Liberal has become one of my favorite blogs of late. The other day he had a great post on the dubious nature of the supposed JFK bombers (BREAKING NEWS: Another Group of Halfwits Arrested in Connection with Plot that Makes No Sense), and today he presents one of the reasons that the Internet might actually be a good thing. In "Welcome to the Internets, Mr. Armey" he writes about Dick Armey's attempt to blog for Time Magazine and how different that is than the typical politician "interaction." You know, some reporter asks a question, never follows up, writes down what the Politician says in dutiful fashion and thinks they are a reporter. Here, Armey says things that need to be challenged and is actually challenged by people--not in a name calling fashion (though I have not read the comments, so there might be some) but by smart people who have thought about the issues.

If only the media would do likewise, we might actually have a different kind of democracy.


Libby sentenced to 30 months. Damn shame, but when you subvert the law and out a CIA agent working for us, you shouldn't get to go back to work at the VP's office--even if you did it to protect him.
"Walton did not set a date for Libby to report to prison. Though he saw no reason to let Libby remain free pending appeal, Walton said he would accept written arguments on the issue and rule later."

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