June 27, 2007

Let's make a list

Crooks and Liars tries to answer Tucker Carlson's insincere question about why people on the left dislike Cheney:
"Well, here’s a few reasons why Cheney’s such an odious man:

1) Architect (along with his neocon cabal) of the worst foreign blunder in U.S. history and an immortal war.

2) Cheerleader and or “chief of torture.” Just ask Condi and Colin.

3) Mr. Law and Order doesn’t actually obey the law regarding his office.

4) Secret Energy Commission meeting

5) Chickenhawk (five deferments) who sends others off to fight his wars.

6) The leaking of Valerie’s Plame name.

7) Scooter Libby and Mary Matalin.

Please add to the list…"


mary said...

Slate has an article up by Bruce Fein about why those on the RIGHT should hate him.(http://www.slate.com/id/2169292/) Interesting. I read the other day that Sally Quinn of the Washington Post says that the strategy goes something like this: GOP turns on Cheney. Cheney resigns. Cheney is replaced by the tanned, rested, and ready Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson runs for (and wins) the presidency in 2008 as the sort-of incumbent.

I can't tell if it's the coffee or the paying attention that's making it hard to sleep at night. :-(

Streak said...

Yeah, I heard the Quinn rumor too. I think we have heard that one before. I think that would involve Bush admitting something--and frankly, don't think he can run the office without Darth around.