June 29, 2007

Dobson lying? that's unpossible

The Washington Monthly has a nice little contrast between what James Dobson sent to his constituents about young people and their political trending (all based on a NYT poll). Dobson told his money people that the young people are trending conservative, with 62 percent wanting abortion outlawed or restricted, and 54 percent opposed to same sex marriage. Sprinkled with little quotes about how the youth realize how wrong "liberalism is" and the need for "Biblical marriage," Dobson's little spin fund raiser letter is a good example of reading facts generously.

What did the poll say? Not only does the story title say the opposite of Dobson, but so does their data:
"Their views on abortion mirror those of the public at large: 24 percent said it should not be permitted at all, while 38 percent said it should be made available but with greater restrictions. Thirty-seven percent said it should be generally available."

"By a 52 to 36 majority, young Americans say that Democrats, rather than Republicans, come closer to sharing their moral values, while 58 percent said they had a favorable view of the Democratic Party, and 38 percent said they had a favorable view of Republicans."

Yep, sounds like Dobson is getting exactly what he deserves wants.

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