September 25, 2007

About Damn Time

Bush and government:
"The last two times the Pew Research Center asked people to describe President Bush in a single word, chief among the overwhelmingly negative responses was the word 'incompetent.'

What makes that particularly fascinating is that it's a realization that the public has reached pretty much on its own.

While there's certainly been spirited debate and extensive news coverage about the ideological merit (or lack thereof) of Bush's policies pretty much across the board, there's also a critical underlying issue: Whether those policies are being competently carried out by the people Bush has put in charge of the agencies, departments and branches of the armed forces responsible for their execution."
Not to blow my own horn, but that has been my question for years. What has this man successfully implemented? He has pushed through tax cuts (and I am still afraid that for many conservatives that is really all they wanted--a check) but has undermined our government's ability to function. You know, for the rest of us.


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