September 21, 2007

Cowboy Bush

This is just TOO funny!
Here's another fun detail from Vicente Fox's upcoming autobiography: He says that despite President Bush's cowboy image, the man is actually scared of horses.

Fox tells the story of the two men meeting in Mexico in early 2001, in which he invited Bush to ride a large horse. Bush nervously backed away. "A horse lover can always tell when others don't share our passion," Fox wrote.

Fun fact: Bush's Crawford ranch, purchased in 1999 in order to help create a down-home image for his presidential campaign, does not have any horses.
Can you be a cowboy who is afraid of horses? Sounds like the beginnings of some kind of joke. What do you call a Cowboy who is afraid of horses? A preppy frat-boy dude. Heh.


mary said...

Will Ferrell mentioned this some time ago.:-) said...

Actually, there are a lot of guys in Texas that fit this description. I believe the saying is, "All hat and no cattle."

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak, c'mon, man!
Q: "What do you call a cowboy who's afraid of horses?
A: "Mr. President"

Streak said...

Hah. I love that Will Ferrell bit. Forgot about him and the horses. Anglican, that is one of my favorites.

BB, that one is better.

I thought about my own horse experience. Actually, unlike the President, I rode horses and actually herded cattle a fair amount as a kid. I would not call myself that proficient, but would suggest humbly that I am more cowboy than the President. And those around me who wear cowboy boots and hats do so with an authenticity of having lived the life. And I would also admit to being scared of horses at times. They can be giant powerful animals and you can't be near them without recognizing that.

But Bush's fake cowboy act is just so very tired.

Thomas said...

It is good that GWB isn't riding horses at his 'ranch' in Texas, it leaves more time for hunting trips with Cheney.