September 22, 2007


Gov. Bill Richardson: Ads Don't Kill People, Wars Do - Politics on The Huffington Post: "But instead of continuing to push on the most important issue facing our country right now, yesterday Congress spent their time debating and condemning a newspaper ad by an anti-war group.

Let's get some perspective here -- ads don't kill people -- wars kill people. And it is long past time to end this war."


P M Prescott said...

Everyone is wondering where there's a Democrat with Backbone. Bill Richardson is the only one who is standing up and calling for a quick withdrawl and has the expertise to actually solve the situation diplomatically, but outside of The Huffington Post how does he get his message out? MSM has marginalized him by focusing only on Hillary.

steve s said...

I agree that he has excellent foreign policy credentials. He is a great candidate. I would feel comfortable with him as president.

Streak said...

I was a big Richardson fan in the beginning. He has had some weird outings at a few debates, but over all, I agree, he certainly has the credentials to be a good president. Historically, of course, Americans have never really valued foreign policy experience. Sure, some candidates talk about it, but we have often had governors or others who have very little experience in that area.

I have always thought that being a smart candidate AND hiring good people to work in that area who do have experience is the best approach. Bush, of course, brought no smarts to the situation and outside Powell, hired bad people.

ubub said...

Richardson is my guy actually, but I am afraid its now a matter of hoping that Hilary or Obama name him their VP candidate.