September 13, 2007


I watched the President speak tonight. I won't tell you the words I used because they are not polite. And this from an award-nominated, and "fun" blog.

But our President was not honest. When he talks about chaos in Iraq, or emboldening Iran, or allowing Al Qaeda to take hold, he omits that it was his decision to invade, and then his decision to allow Rummy to dictate troop strenght that allowed all of that to occur.

He is not honest and he is not good. That is all I will say about this President.


JoeG said...

The thing that galled me watching this last night was the continued strategy of beating the drums of fear to get the American people to support this war. "If you don't support this, if we withdraw, the terrorists will be knocking on your front door tomorrow morning." It's getting old, and six years later it holds no water.

Tony said...

Don't forget that we are "emboldening our enemies" nor can we "counter Iran" if we pull out.