April 4, 2010

Frank Schaeffer points to the evangelical right connection to the Michigan Hutaree

In a book excerpt, Schaeffer discusses his past experience with the evangelical "left behind" and how similar they sound to the most violent of the right.
"'Mainstream' (in other words, slightly less nutty and less violent) religious-right Republicans have been saying the same thing as Brunn about the Fed for years, particularly the so-called 'dominionists' who believe it's their job to reestablish God's dominion on earth. They preach Old Testament-style vengeance and loony gold-standard 'economics' from many 'respectable' pulpits. They also hate America (as it is), want a revolution in the name of God, and espouse 'pro-life' beliefs, anti-gay hate, racism, and far-right Republican politics. They take the Republican anti-government propaganda to the next step and say that even paying taxes is 'unconstitutional.' I know them well.

I knew the founders of the dominionist movement -- people like the late Reverend Rousas John Rushdoony, the father of 'Christian Reconstructionism' and the modern evangelical/fundamentalist home school movement. Rushdoony (whom I met and talked with several times) believed that interracial marriage, which he referred to as 'unequal yoking,' should be made illegal. He also opposed 'enforced integration,' referred to Southern slavery as 'benevolent,' and said that 'some people are by nature slaves.'"

As we have said here many times, words matter, and those who urge on this kind of radical thought are fanning the flames of those who can't quite distinguish between the rhetoric and the need to go get their guns.


Smitty said...

This kind of shit makes my head explode.

Neocons chose to lie in bed with these lunatics. They have to deal with them. Unfortunately for those of us who are not crazy, the way they deal with them is to fan their flames.

Streak said...

Smitty, I am hoping that during your time here at the blog, you will learn to express yourself. I can't quite tell how you feel about this.


I absolutely agree, obviously, and think this is something the grownups have to address.

Smitty said...

you will learn to express yourself

I will endeavor to stop swearing on your blog.

However, angry posts are what keep me from being this angry in real life. My family and friends enjoy my "relaxed nature" but my fellow bloggers have to deal with wrath a lot.

Streak said...

I will endeavor to stop swearing on your blog.

Oh, no need. I like your passion. And I completely agree with you about blogging as release. My post after Bush won reelection is one of the most angry posts I ever wrote, yet it was very cathartic and helpful.

As many of my friends note observing some of this shit: if you aren't angry about it, then you simply are not paying attention.

steves said...

Can Frank Schaeffer write anything without half the article touting his Evangelical street cred?