April 29, 2010

'Oklahoma, what have you done?' - CNN.com

'Oklahoma, what have you done?' - CNN.com: "Under this new law, a doctor may withhold information, mislead or even blatantly lie to a pregnant woman and her partner about the health of their baby if the doctor so much as thinks that fetal test results would cause a woman to consider abortion.
As expected, the anti-abortion movement is claiming victory. But this bill isn't 'anti-abortion.' It is devastating because it is anti-motherhood and anti-medicine."
Ten bucks says that Ken Blackwell supports this Oklahoma abortion law, but 20 says that neither he nor any other tea bagger can spot the inconsistency between wanting a less intrusive government and one that actually encourages doctors to lie to pregnant women about the health of their child.

Jon Stewart was right on point last night when he suggested that Blackwell and his fellow idiots only hate government in the hands of Democrats. A Republican law that forces a vaginal probe in a pregnant woman and allows doctors to withhold information about their pregnancy is big government at an level of Orwellian nightmares.


leighton said...

This reminds me of the observation that the crazy subset of the political right tends to accuse their opponents of planning what they themselves are planning, or would plan if they thought they could get away with it.

It's interesting, for instance, that with several states banning microchip implants, a GOP candidate recommends tagging immigrants with microchips. The "fascism" they accuse Obama of creating is only an evil if they are not personally in power.

Smitty said...

This is a striking level of violence against women. That there are people who hail this as a victory absolutely reinforces notions that I have about organized religion and its role in my life.

Where is the outrage? Where is the Pope condemning violence against women? Where is the national synod of the, say, Presbyterian church in speaking out that while they may find abortion "sinful," equally sinful is the forced probe/rape of women by their reluctant doctors whop in turn will lie to them about fetal health?

Fucking nowhere. Fucking silent as usual.