April 28, 2010

Shark Jumping

Or something. Give me a break, I am wiped.

But when I read of the GOP passing a stupid law in Arizona on immigrants, passing another one that endorses the birther paranoia, then turn to my own state of Oklahoma to see them pass one of the worst abortion laws I have ever seen--one that forces a woman seeking an abortion (no exception for rape or incest, mind you) to undergo an invasive probe and one of our Republican candidates for governor endorses the whole "militia to protect us from the feds" idea"--well, it is hard to believe that the GOP has any rational people even left.

That isn't helped when I see stories like this where Senator Bob Bennett of Utah will most likely lose his seat all because he dared to work with Democrats. The GOP has jumped the shark and appears to be looking for more sharks. And the grownup Republicans sit on their hands.

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steves said...

Arizona is trying to beat out Texas as the "state the rest of us would like most to secede". FWIW, this type of legislation is not all that popular among all conservatives. It seems to mostly be popular among the neo-con, statist, anti immigrations folks. On several gun boards I still visit, it was almost universally greeted with scorn as being a gross abuse of power.

As for Utah, they always seemed like almost a different country,