April 10, 2010

Why Are We Listening To Newt Gingrich? | The New Republic

Chait asks the question most of us are asking:
"On the subject of Gingrich, here's one thing I don't understand. John Edwards' philandering has made him a public pariah, understandably so. But Gingrich's marital behavior was probably even more disgusting. He cheated on his first wife and told her he wanted a divorce while she was recovering from surgery for cancer. He subsequently cheated on his second wife with a much younger aide. It's fairly amazing how Gingrich has managed to avoid any stigma from this. He's just a conservative 'ideas guy.'"
How is it that John Ensign's scandal is not top news? Not just adultery, but corruption and payoffs.

But conservatives seem immune to this kind of criticism. All Gingrich had to do was claim to be "born again" and confess to the right's mob boss (James Dobson) and he is free to call Obama the most radical President in American History--and we are supposed to listen? George Bush benefitted from the same, supposedly theological construct, that sinners could confess their sins, be born again, and then be clean as snow. Fine, from a theological point of view, but absurd and inane when it applies to Newt Gingrich or the torturer George Bush even as people on the right absolutely refuse to forgive any liberal for any sin.

Here is the funny thing about the moral conservatism of the religious right. I don't respect either your morality or your conservatism. I am well aware of the immorality of the left, and of the immorality of us all--but your claim for moral superiority defies reality and instead reminds me of the false piety of the right.

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