June 13, 2010


Haven't really been gone, actually, but have not found time to blog over the last few days. Working on a lot of stuff around the house and have just been busy.

Yesterday, however, I went to a Coffee Party meeting. It was very informative about the state of the Democratic party in Oklahoma. Not necessarily encouraging, but informative. One of the more disturbing trends is the increasing radicalization of the Oklahoma conservatives. As if they could get more conservative, one would have thought a year or so ago. Now, after passing laws that make women seeking an abortion fill out a detailed questionnaire for the web, undergo an invasive vaginal ultrasound probe, and then listen to a detailed description of the fetus' health (because women are idiots, obviously), we are witnessing the reality of Tea Party-type politics right in real life.

And it doesn't end there, of course. Just the other day, one of our idiots pushed a bill that would mandate that Oklahoma judges not consider Sharia law when judging cases. Why, you ask?

Good question. Evidently Rex Duncan (idiot) believes that the measure is necessary as a ""preemptive strike" against "liberal judges" who want to "undermine those founding principles" of America."

Oh how I do love idiots who genuinely believe that liberals hate America and want to destroy it. Thought about that yesterday when the young woman reporting on the state of the Democratic party and liberal interests in the state was moving to San Diego to be with her Marine husband who is about to be deployed.

Yeah, we hate America. What idiots. Seriously. What idiots.

In other parts of the country, the Tea Party appears to be imploding somewhat. In Nevada, they nominated a completely nut job who believes that the proper response to the oil spill is less government interference. Seriously. She also appears to be against fluoridated water. Purity of essence, after all.

It could end up saving Harry Reid's job, and polls show that the tea party is losing its luster nationally:
"It certainly doesn't help that the American mainstream is growing less impressed with the nascent right-wing initiative. The national Washington Post/ABC News poll has asked Americans if they have 'a favorable or unfavorable impression of the political movement known as the Tea Party.' Just three months ago, 41% had a favorable impression, while 39% had a negative one. Last week, the same poll found 36% with a favorable impression, and 50% with a negative one.

Kevin Drum summarized the problem nicely: 'Who could have predicted that a cranky, leaderless movement with no real goals and driven mostly by an inchoate sense of persecution, aggrievement, and Sarah Palin hero worship would eventually turn in on itself and splinter into a thousand embittered little pieces?'"

Unfortunately, that kind of reason is absent here in Oklahoma. As my friends noted yesterday, in any other state, the image of Mary Fallin (candidate for Governor) cheering on the Tea Party idiots would make her less attractive to the mainstream. But in Oklahoma, she can feature that as her message, and probably win pretty easily. We will undoubtedly get more wingnut legislation from these people.


Bob said...

I don't see the Tea Bag...uh, Tea Party people as a movement. That would indicated a new group of people galvanized around a new mission.

These people aren't likely new to the system. They are just louder than what they have previously been, but are stil the same group of people that Republican party has relied upon for their base.

I bet if we could poll these people, they already vote regualrly and previously voted overwhelmingly for the Republican party. This means their impact on the general election would be effectively zero.

If someone has seen data otherwise, I would be curious to read it.

Smitty said...

These people aren't likely new to the system. They...are stil the same group of people that Republican party has relied upon for their base.

Nailed it. They have always voted and always will vote...just Republican. There are no new votes here; only, as your post points out, votes to be lost or ignored.

I love that Kevin Drum quote.

steves said...

I think the TP lost their chance when they didn't denounce the kooks. Some of them raised some valid points, but they were drowned out. I would love to see a viable third party in this country because I'd love to see some new voices, but they ain't it.