June 30, 2010

Today, I told off a lazy car salesman who parked in a handicapped zone

Today has been a decent day, but it started out rough. Streak (the dog) has had a bit of a rough time of late. Well, it is hard to see, because his eyes are great as is his appetite and enthusiasm. But his back hips no longer flex as they did, and so he has slipped a few times on the hardwood floors. We have him on a canine anti-inflammatory, and I think that helps a lot, but he is still 13 or so.

This morning, I woke up from bad dreams and watched Streak limp around a bit. I decided to head to Starbucks to give him a break and let him nap. After writing inside, I went outside to read a bit. Sitting out there, I watched this large truck back into the nearest handicapped spot after which two young (ish) men in dress slacks and ties walked into the store. I kept telling myself to ignore it. I told myself that there was some handicap that was not readily visible and this was legit.

But my mood was a dark one, and I had to check it out. I moved to a table closer to the (still) idling vehicle. The back tags said something about being a used car and a "dealer." When the two guys came out with trays loaded with iced drinks, I had to ask.

"Are you a car dealer?" I asked.

Mr. Smarm glanced at me and said, "yes, I am." He came over and shook my hand and told me where he worked. I asked why he was parked in the handicapped zone. He said it was because he and his buddy had to carry "like, 13 drinks" for their coworkers. I pointed out that the handicapped zone was not for that purpose. He then asked if I was handicapped. I said no, I was just a concerned human. He then pointed to the empty handicapped spot next to his truck. I said, those spots weren't for that purpose.

He then asked me if I was a cop. I told him again, those spaces weren't for that purpose. And that I would make sure no one I knew would buy anything from him. That part is a hollow threat, as I have forgotten where the asshole works.

This is all related to my sense that we have a an empathy gap. If you can't think of someone else, of course, you think, hey that spot is open and I am not staying. As if that is really the issue. If someone drove up who needed the spot, it wouldn't matter, would it? But more, it just says that the world is made for me, and everyone better just get out of my way.

Reminds me of this Tim O'Brien song:

Streak seems ok tonight. A little sore and still 13. Part of it is just age and that is just the deal. We are going to get a few more rugs for him to minimize his slipping.


Monk-in-Training said...

I hope you don't mind this prayer for Streak, but it is what Monks do... :)

Most high, almighty Lord, our Creator, Yours is the praise, the glory, the honor and all blessings! To You alone do all things belong. Be praised for giving us the animals, birds and fish which fill Your world.

We now ask You to grant Streak, Your Fatherly care and healing power to take away pain and soreness he is suffering during this season of his life.

Streak has trust in his owners as they have trust in You; We are on this earth together to give one another friendship, affection, and caring. Take our heartfelt prayers and touch Streak with healing light and strength to overcome whatever continued soreness he may have.

Loving Father, Your goodness is turned upon every living thing and Your grace flows to all Your creatures. May we think of You and thank You when we play with and care for our pets.

Be praised for making us so happy to have our pets and to have them to play with. We ask You, Lord, that we may be good to our pets always, so that they may be happy also.

Help us always to take care of them so that they will be healthy. O God, Your world is wonderful. May we all come into Your even greater world of the kingdom of heaven where we shall see even more wonderful things and where we shall live and love for ever.

This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Bob said...

Try to look up the auto dealership in the yellow pages. Do you remeber the make of the car? That will give you a clue. Then I would call the manager. That is just crap.

My best wishes to Streak.

Streak said...

Monk, that made my morning. Just about had me in tears, but it made my morning. Thank you. Streak has had a pretty good and lazy day.

Bob, I honestly can't recall. I was just so pissed off.

Streak said...

Bob, I also meant to thank you for the nice thoughts for Streak. He has quite a blog following. :)