June 24, 2010

Stupid Republicans

No, not all Republicans are stupid. I would not argue that. But there are a great many, and their numbers in the GOP caucus in Washington is pretty shockingly high. And you might think I am about to link to Michelle Bachmann, or to Steve King--both of which say stupid stuff on a regular basis. Or perhaps any one of Georgia or South Carolina's GOP representatives.

No, this is from Texas Rep. Gohmert reading from an equally stupid Thomas Sowell op ed that suggests that the BP fund negotiated by Obama, is a step toward creating Nazi Germany right here in America. Says the idiot Gohmert: "and there are those today who are heard to say, what we need right now is for the President to be a dictator for a little while."

Seriously. And this is a guy who, as the blog notes, will get reelected without lifting a finger.


1 comment:

Bob said...

"Stupid Republicans"

Don't be redundant.

If a R associates themselves with todays elected Rs, then yes, they are stupid. If they are a classic R, who pines for the days when their party was sane, I will give them a pass.