June 26, 2010

Republicans and gays

Michael Tomasky chimes in on Mike Huckabee using the phrase "ick factor" to describe gay sex, and notes that the person Huckabee claims originated the phrase not only did not do so, but actually was identifying people who exhibit "projective disgust:"
projective disgust has its origin in a discomfort with one's own body and its messier animal aspects, including sexuality, and that, in a defense mechanism, disgust is then projected outward onto vulnerable groups who are characterized as hyperphysical and hypersexual.
In other words, people like Huckabee.


Benen notes that Thomas Sowell's op-ed comparing Obama's approach to BP with Hitler has not bothered many on the right. We talked about Gohmert before, but the former half-term Alaskan Governor has endorsed the view as well. She is such a deep thinker, isn't she?


Monk-in-Training said...

Gays-Hitler, man can these people come up with a new metaphor?

When I was growing up it was Communists and Blacks, so I suppose they do change once in a while, just that seem to have to have a systemic threat (Communism/Hitler) and a nearby threat (Blacks/Gays) to keep their world in some sort of order.

After all, if you don't have someone or something to hate, what is your world view good for anyway?

Streak said...

That need for an external enemy is very interesting, isn't it?