August 31, 2010

Now if he will just start eating on his own

We might be in business. Streak slept here last night for the first time since last Thursday night--and he didn't sleep at all that night, so this was good. He really does seem better, but still doesn't have an appetite and is not peeing on his own. He is at our regular vet for some IV food and hoping that will give him some energy and appetite.

Still some amazing moments. Yesterday afternoon, I visited Streak at the vet and took him out for a brief walk. After, we returned to the vet's back room and I stood around with the vets, techs and assistants (all women) and chatted about Streak. We told stories about Streak and other animals we knew. They know Zorro, the next door black lab who once took me out like a linebacker tackle. They all appreciated that story. We were sharing about our love of animals and affection for them and their people. It was a good thing.

Not only that, but the vet at the emergency clinic who really helped us last Saturday came by earlier that afternoon to check on Streak. There was no requirement that he do that, but it sure made our day.

We are just going day to day, moment to moment. We got to spend some nice time with Streak this morning outside--at least before the mosquitoes drove us back indoors. And we look forward to him sleeping here again tonight. We will keep the faith and enjoy the moments.

Hell, isn't that what we always do?

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