August 30, 2010


Picked Streak up from the emergency clinic, paid the (gulp) bill, and took him over to our regular vet. He is still weak and tired, but if we could get him to pee on his own, we could bring him home for some rest.

I am mindful of the roller coaster theme here. We know that we will have more very tough days with him, and that means in the next weeks and months. As Zalm's loss demonstrates, the optimism can come crashing down at any moment. After all, Streak was doing just fine last Wednesday and we were confident he had his full appetite back. One night later, and he was on an IV and barely moving. And like I said, with his cancer, we know that this will not end well.

But, and I am simply trying to figure this out, the moments seem to me to be everything. And that is not just with Streak, but with SOF and my friends and family. For some reason, I think we minimize the small moments to our detriment. We want spectacular and long good times--but miss the moments over coffee, or the nice phone call, or the wonderful "give him a hug for me" from my mom. Thanks, Mom. I needed that in a big way.

I don't know. But I know that seeing my dog walk this morning--wobbly and with his hind leg wrapped--that was a nice moment. It made me smile.

I will take it.

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LB said...

Nice post, ans good thoughts about enjoying moments. I hope Streak is relatively comfortable.