August 26, 2010

The Stimulus as Investment

A very interesting look at the diversity of projects included in the stimulus. Timely, as Republicans ramp up their criticism of anything from the government.

But reading through this, you get a sense of two things. One, that Obama is truly a pragmatist--something his critics on either side often miss. And Two, that this is the first time since the Interstate Highway Act or the NASA missions, that we have decided to invest in things that might actually make Americans better off. Not just better off in some vague way, but might allow them to have healthier lives and even possibly more economic opportunity. I truly am amazed that the conservatives I know seem to only value tax cuts and privatization--as if that will accomplish the same thing as a good investment in a long term issue. The Interstate Highway Act did that, and I would argue translated into billions upon billions of private wealth.

Yet it is hard to imagine Republicans of today backing such a bill.

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