August 10, 2010

Senator Ted Stevens killed in plane crash

I am sure everyone has seen the news now, but former Senator Stevens has been confirmed as one of the fatalities from a plane crash in Alaska. I could not stand that man and thought him to be one of the more toxic members of the GOP when he was in office, but I hate to see these kinds of events. I think, reading more about Stevens, that he had made some pretty important contributions in his earlier days, but had become old, bitter and corrupt. It happens.

Several other people died, of course, and their names are not as notable. I am sorry for them and their families. I was also thinking, when I saw this, of other crashes. I remember like yesterday the plane crash that devastated the progressive community when Paul Wellstone died. I was also thinking of some friends of mine who used to teach school in Alaska. They often tell how they flew everywhere. Stevens was headed to a cabin when his plane went down. This kind of thing happens up there.

I am sad for those who grieve today.


Bob said...

Note to self: avoid small planes, especially if you run for office, start a band or become an actor.

Why didn't he drive? Didn't he sponsor the so called "bridge to nowhere"?

Streak said...

James Fallows discusses there are so many airplane crashes in Alaska.

Bob said...

I just realized that the good news is that the quitter-in-chief Palin must be kicking herself because she lost a chance to appoint herself to the spot.