August 29, 2010

A roller coaster ride

We went to see Streak last night and then again this morning. Last night was a little sobering and this morning the same. To be fair, when we have seen him, he has been on his pain meds and a little groggy. Last night he did walk a little with us, and that was nice. This morning, he was pretty subdued, but we still had some nice time with him.

We are going to wait and see how he is tonight and then meet with our regular vet tomorrow. As we learned yesterday, hours can make a difference.

We will see.


zalm said...

I've been on that same roller coaster ride myself this past week. We had to say goodbye to our 12-year-old cat, Paducah, yesterday afternoon. Two weeks ago she was seemingly fine (aside from her chronic leukemia, which had stabilized recently). 10 days ago she started holding her head strangely and her lymph nodes seemed a bit swollen. We had a vet visit and her blood test was consistent with the test she'd taken only a month before. But the antibiotics that we started in case it was just an illness didn't work, and over the week that followed, we had four more vet visits, 300+ miles of driving, a massive dose of chemo, and even a few peaks of improvement and optimism. On Friday we hoped to start a new regimen of chemo and were instead faced with blood tests indicating that lymphoma had taken over her entire body. So we loved her as best we could until the vet came yesterday to help us say goodbye to her. This is the first time I've ever had to say goodbye to a pet, and it was one of the hardest days and weeks of my life.

I'm sorry you're on this roller coaster with Streak. I hope that the vets are able to come up with a treatment that can improve his quality of life so that you can enjoy life with him for however long he has left, whether that's days or years.

Sorry for the rambling. I've definitely been thinking of you and Streak this week. I share your fear, your anxiety, and your pain.

Streak said...

Zalm, thanks for the nice words and SOF and I are so sad to hear about your Paducah. Man do we know that experience. As several here have noted, when a member of your family is in pain, you are all in pain. Please pass on our condolences to your wife. I know Paducah knew she was loved. That doesn't make it easier.

We will enjoy what we have left with Streak. thank you.