June 1, 2011

Wednesday roundup

I know this is a common refrain from me, but I am still incredibly annoyed at how many conservative Christians are far more conservative than Christian. I think of a distant relative-in-law who stopped talking to me because I supported Obama. If I were an atheist who hated Obama, I suspect he would have no problem talking to me.

But it is even more disheartening when the leadership of the SBC gets it so wrong. Not surprising, mind you, but still disheartening because I know there are many Southern Baptists who listen to these people. Not all, as they are a group that doesn't emphasize that kind of loyalty, but many--especially in the south listen to idiots like Robert Jeffress who most recently took potshots at Obama's faith. Jeffress, much like Franklin Graham, is a political hack, not a man of God.

But what bothers me even more than people like Jeffress saying this, is that I know that a good part of the GOP faithful will just shrug it off--if they don't agree openly. Just as they shrug off the sociopathic Bachmann, or the equally twisted Sarah Palin. Palin, mind you, just cheered the smell of emissions at a motorcycle rally the same day that a new report shows that our production of CO2 went up dangerously this last year. Very hard to take people seriously who on Sunday preach a literal creation story and on Tuesday vote to destroy that same creation. Very hard.


Speaking of Palin, she is on her bus tour. If you haven't seen a picture of the bus, it has her signature, a picture of the Constitution, and images of America. Everyone assumes this means she is running for President next year, and that would not completely surprise me. But there is, as the whore Mike Huckabee voiced, more money to be had if you are a pundit for Fox, and I would be surprised if Palin left that money on the table. Further, a Andy Borowitz keeps joking, if she runs, Palin would have to actually think about governing. I think his funniest tweet on this was something like, "the question isn't if Palin is going to run, it is who will replace her when she quits in 2014."

We can put Palin in that category of people who disappoint me, but not nearly as the people who follow her.


Finally, a thoughtful discussion on taxes by our favorite conservative, Bruce Bartlett. Republicans continue to act as if our taxes are too high, when they are clearly not.


Jacob said...

Barak Obama is not a Christian. He has repeatedly endorsed homosexuality, which no real Christian would do. That isn't all the evidence against his claim of faith, but that's all the proof necessary to show his hypocrisy.

Streak said...

Really? Well, that isn't the dumbest thing said on this blog. But it is on the list.

Monk-in-Training said...

Jacob doesn't appear realize what many real Christians do and do not endorse.

Anyone that doesn't believe that President Obama is a Christian, either doesn't know the facts, or isn't historically orthodox in their understanding of salvic faith in Christ.

Jacob said...

According to the Bible, which is the instruction book for real Christians, homosexuality is a sin. And since it is a sin, a genuine Christian believer would no more endorse it than they would endorse feeding babies to alligators.

Obama's endorsement of homosexuals proves, as well as anything could, that his professed Christianity is phony. As is yours Monk.

Streak said...

Jacob, you do realize that the Bible more than likely forbids something you do too, right? But you have decided that homosexuality is the one that the Bible bans that you believe in. Because you aren't gay. But I am guessing that when it comes to war or greed you find ways to support your belief. Perhaps you don't turn the other cheek every time someone attacks you? Or you don't really think that your wealth is a problem. But those gay guys? They are clearly sinning, because it isn't something that effects you.

Seriously, dude. Give it a rest. Oh, and by the way, fuckwad, Monk is someone who not only devotes his life to the knowledge of God, but also his actual day to day life helping the needy. So for you to question his faith proves how unbelievably stupid and callous you are.

Perhaps you need to find a blog where bashing gays and people who help the poor is popular. It isn't here. Fuck off.

Jacob said...


YOU are a Biblical ignoramous, with no idea what it means to be a Christian. And I'm confident you never will.

Streak said...

Jacob, I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me. But your comments about Monk get you banned here. Your "literacy" btw makes you in the group where the Westboro bigots are better Christians than anyone here. So take your bigotry and go elsewhere. Seriously. Your next comment get deleted.

Monk-in-Training said...

Hey Streak, thanks for the kind words. You don't need to ban Jacob on my account, he can say what ever he pleases about me, I don't mind.

The only thing that concerns me, is his understanding of faith in Christ, and how it is lived out in this fallen world.

The strict interpretation of Scripture by religious enthusiasts in His day was condemned, because Christ was more interested in each and every person. I think if He was here today, He would hang out with the homeless, sick, prostitutes and yes, gays. It would fit His lifestyle back then.

One of the homeless people that comes to our dinner in the park is a man who dresses as a woman, and wants to become one. Can you only imagine the hell it is for him to do that on Tulsa streets?

I do my best to present Christ to him in kindness, I can do no less.

Jacob said...

The point was not to focus just on homosexuality. The point was that no real Christian is going to call good what God has called evil, and by endorsing homosexuality, that is what Obama is doing.

Monk-in-Training said...

Thank you for your more reasoned response.

God has called many things in our world Evil, especially the taking of interest on loans. According to God, banks are no purer than brothels.

Ezekiel 18:13 calls it an abomination, using the exact same word as is used for same gender sexual idolatry.

Throughout the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, taking interest from the poor is a terrible sin.

I think the Church should speak out against that, especially in our times.

Streak said...

Fair enough, Monk. Perhaps kind words are a better response than mine. I find this kind of literalism frustrating (as do you, I know) and the arrogance to simply decide that someone is not a "real" Christian is not terribly compatible with the faith.

Jacob, Monk makes a pretty good point about what the Bible calls evil, yet in many cases, those are elements that most conservative Christians not only defend, but participate in.