June 21, 2011

Why do Republicans only ask the poor to sacrifice?

I understand asking people to do more with less. I get the idea of tightening our belt. But why is it that conservatives only want to ask those who can least afford it to tighten their belts, but tell the richest people that they will actually be more rich?

Growing Chorus Of Republicans Demand Social Security Cuts In Deficit Deal | TPMDC


steves said...

Easy for Hutchison to cut benefits, since retired legislators enjoy free health care for life and very generous pensions. I am hoping that this proposal fails hard. Considering that retirees tend to vote in substantial numbers and the AARP is a powerful lobby, this could be very unpopular.

Bob said...

Let's face it Seniors are pretty stupid voters. All it takes is a little astroturfing and a good viral video to get Seniors to believe that it is actually Obama who wants to eliminate Medicare and Social Security.

I see the R's are running ads on CNN saying how the Ryan plan will save Medicare.

Streak said...

I wrote my congressman (Republican, naturally) in opposition to the Ryan plan, and he sent back a letter essentially saying that Ryan will save Medicare, just as Bob says. It is hard to understand how that is supposed to work, since everyone agrees that it turns it into a voucher where the value of the payment increases only with inflation--as opposed to healthcare costs.