April 29, 2013

For those who think the NRA is not a Republican/conservative mouthpiece

And deeply paranoid and nutty about Obama.

NRA’s ‘America’s First Freedom’ Magazine: See 16 Covers | TPMMuckraker


Smitty said...

Fear! He's a liar! Fear fear fear! Government Baaaaad.

Fortunately, I get the sense that the only folks to choose 1st Freedom for Freedom of the Free magazine are those predisposed to think that way. I doubt that magazine would "convert" anyone so to speak.

But what is *does* do is what it *doesn't* do: it doesn't do anything to be rational. All it does is feed the fear of those predisposed to be fearful, and I don't love that at all.

My personal favorite is the gloved fist "knock on your door" hyperbole.

Streak said...

Yeah, this is a window into nutbaggery. It certainly doesn't make me more sympathetic to gun owners. And it strikes me that at a certain point, an organization devoted to protecting gun rights might be concerned about trying to assure the non-gun people that they aren't batshit crazy.