April 23, 2013

Republicans hate government, until they realize what it actually does

I seriously question the intelligence of the current Republican party.  Historically, Republicans hated theory, but loved facts.  Now, they hate anything that doesn't support their ideology--especially facts.

So, after complaining and complaining about evil Government, here comes the Republican calls for an end an end to furloughs of air traffic controllers.  You know, "cut the budget, cut the budget, cut the budget, until, oh crap, do you mean that government actually does stuff that we need?  I had no idea."

Not just Rick Scott.  Republicans from Kansas also want the evil government to return to their jobs.  And then there is the idiot from Texas.  After last week's fertilizer explosion, Rick Perry asked for a quick federal response to help West, Texas.  Of course, at one point, Governor Idiot was talking about secession. Now he is begging for a quick turnaround.  And of course, Texas' senators both voted against aid for Hurricane Victims in New Jersey.

I really would like just a touch of consistency, but that isn't going to happen as long as the Republican party elects the dumbest people they can find.

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