April 17, 2013

Gun people run the country

Senate To Vote On Gun Background Checks Wednesday | TPMDC

Can't even have reasoned background checks.  Can't even do that.  And meanwhile John Cornyn wants a bill that would require all states to allow concealed carry if you have a permit from a state like Arizona.  As David Frum noted, conservatives love state's rights until, well, they don't.

More guns.  More guns.  More guns.  Fuck it.  You guys win.  But this is where you will be on the hot seat.  The next shooting will be on the NRA, because they wouldn't even budge on reasoned responses.  So fuck them.


steves said...
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steves said...

Oops. Had to fix an error.

Have you read the Bill?

I did. By no means do I consider myself an expert, but I have some concerns and think it is poorly written and should not be enacted without some serious changes. When I look at any law, I try and figure out what the law is supposed to do, but I also look at the language and try and figure out how it could be used and if this included broad or vague definitions and ideas that could potentially be problematic.

I am not arguing that the entire bill is crap, but there are some problematic aspects. David Kopel over on Volokh details them.

FWIW, Arizona does not have permits for carry.

Streak said...

Fair enough, Steve, I will read this later (assuming I am not under a goddamn tornado warning). And I am also sorry about Arizona. their laws are so loose on guns, I just assumed.

But I have to say that the overarching approach of the NRA and gun rights people appears to be, as David Frum said on twitter this morning, "more weapons for everyone."

steves said...

Stay safe.

I would like to see some useful legislation, but everything tells me that this is just being rushed for the sake of "doing something."

Streak said...

I honestly have no good faith trust that the Republicans nor the NRA have any honest desire to have useful legislation. None.

I read the link, and can see some of the problems here. I agree with you that there is pressure to get something done, but the other, counter pressure is to fuck it up as much as possible from the other side. One side wants to do gun reform, and the other side wants more guns period.

Not a lot of common ground there. And you know how much I hate the fuckers running the NRA. Sorry, but it is true.

steves said...

I understand. I just wanted to explain why I didn't support the legislation.

Streak said...

And your concerns sound reasonable.

Streak said...

Worth noting that 54 senators voted for this, but in the modern Senate with the Republican insurgency, you must have 60 votes to do anything.