April 3, 2013

Gun culture simplified

Since some of my readers have difficulty with the concept.  Here is how this works.

  1. Read this story.  
  2. See if this person's actions or opinions match yours.  
  3. If they don't, then don't be insulted by the story because it refers to the "gun culture" of which I speak.  
  4. See how simple that is?

Gohmert: Gun Control Somehow Leads to Bestiality -- Daily Intelligencer


steves said...

That guy really needs to think before he speaks.

Streak said...

wow Steve, I think you have made real progress. You didn't take offense. Yet.

steves said...

It's cuz you explained it with single syllable words. ;)

I don't see that guy being defensible. He must be occasionally articulate to have gotten elected?!?!