April 3, 2013

Yeah, this is also Gun Culture.

Gun Freedom Is Behind Proposed Amendment to North Carolina Constitution, Lawmaker Says

Don't ask me to respect people pushing laws because they are readying themselves for a gun battle with the federal government.


steves said...

Fight the power!

Some of this legislation isn't that big of a surprise. I think a reasonable argument could be made that some gun laws are unconstitutional, not just on second amendment grounds, but on interstate commerce grounds. I think this is the basis for the Wyoming law.

I think you are also seeing that some states are not supportive of federal laws on assault weapons or magazine limits. Granted, there hasn't been anything passed, but some states are possibly preparing.

In reality, any federal ban would be difficult to enforce. The BATFE and FBI don't really concern themselves with small scale stuff like possession of prohibited items. Most states don't have laws that allow federal crimes to be prosecuted by the locals. I have never heard this happening with gun laws.

What may happen is that the Feds may go after people despite contrary state policy. We have already seen this with the DEA going after medical marihuana users in states that have legalized this. Frankly, stuff like this makes them look like bullies.

Streak said...

Frankly, this is you ignoring the broader point. This asshat is pushing this to prepare for a gun battle with federal forces. This is the paranoia that you excuse every damn time and then wonder why I respond so. This is the crap that LaPierre does all the time.

Tell me, Steve, what is the public good of encouraging citizens to distrust their government and to prepare to fight them to death? What possible good is that for us as a society?

Smitty said...

Rather than a massive comment, hijacking your thread, here.