March 29, 2009


Watching OU lose to UNC, which is not that big of a deal as the Tarheels are a pretty good team and OU is underperforming. Those are the joys of competition.

But what annoys me to no end are the stupid ads that we see during sporting events. The Howie Long homophobic ads for trucks. Or the unbelievable Burger King ads--either for using a little person to sell breakfast meals, or for the stupid and sexist ads for their little burgers using buxom women.

But the taker of the cake was the Guitar Hero ads that featured NCAA coaches Krzyzewski, Pitino, Smith, and former coach Bobby Knight. Fine. Do a take off from Risky Business, I really don't care. But when Bobby Knight throws the equipment in a tantrum, we really see how tolerant the American people are of abusive personalities. No wonder we have problems in this area.

That's right. The guy is an abusive asshole who threw chairs at refs and potted plants at secretaries. He even choked a player one time. And he is elevated to spokesperson and icon.


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Firefly said...

ok, I understand your rant here. But you probably have to admit that the girls in the burger king ad were pretty cute? lol. I admit that I laughed hard the first time I saw the burger shots ad. But yes, you are right it is really stupid.