March 21, 2009

My productive Spring Break week

So often Spring break is either spent skiing (which is cool) or not getting stuff done and not relaxing either. This one has not been the most restful break I can recall, but it has been pretty productive. So, here are my accomplishments for the week:

1) As already mentioned, cleaned out some of the very messy garage. Still a long way to go, but made progress.

2) Placed the order for a shed to replace our garage space.

3) Attended three sessions with my new chiropractor. Jury is still out, but so far, so good. Also made it to two yoga classes.

4) Came up with name "socialized nature" to describe stupidity of current discussion on socialism. Perhaps greatest accomplishment of the week.

5) Filed application for remodel permit. It did take me too trips, and my first trip had me in front of man probably ten years my junior rolling his eyes at my ignorance. Can't fight city hall, but did have the instinct to give him the time honored gesture indicating his number one status. Did not give into that instinct, and my second visit went much better.

6) Removed a few more rocks from my pond water feature.

7) Bottled my IPA this afternoon (tasted really good coming out of the secondary).

Now to make dinner and get ready for the OU/Michigan game. Tomorrow, I make gumbo and am planning on making the darkest roux I can possibly muster. Hmm... roux.



steves said...

Ugh...local government can be frustrating. One of my profs also has a solo practice where he just takes cases against municipalities. He is very busy.

IPA is one of my favorites. One of my buddies has a keggerator and we game at his house every week. We are currently working our way through a great IPA from the Michigan Brewing Company, a fine local brewery.

steves said...

Oh yeah, Go Michigan!

Streak said...

I make it a point to try local IPAs when I can. This one really tasted good out of the secondary (dry hopped, as well) but we will see how it tastes in the bottle.

Sorry about Michigan. Oh wait, I am not that sorry. :)

steves said...

I didn't expect much sympathy, nor did I really think Michigan had much of a chance. I have to root for the Big 10, though. I hope my Spartans can do better today.

Would you ever be interested in doing a beer trade?

Streak said...

I could be talked into a swap.

Firefly said...

sounds productive for sure! I on the other hand, went to visit the in-laws. Do I get any of the brew?