March 11, 2009

The Thin Line Between Socialism and Capitalist Nirvana

Interesting graph showing how socialist Reagan really was.


steves said...

I am sure the tax rate had nothing to do with Tip O'Neill and the Democratic led know, the people that set the tax rate and promulgate the tax code.

He still lowered it from what it had previously been. I doubt he would have had the political clout to lower it much more than that, but I suppose I could be wrong.

ubub said...

What is this "congress" of which you speak? I keep hearing that Reagan did this and Reagan did that. I never did finish that history Ph.D., so perhaps someone can explain this "congress." Did he co-rule with Reagan during the Golden Age?

Streak said...

Oh Jesus.

I give.

Not really the point of the post, but for the record, I concede that Reagan did not set tax rates.