March 19, 2009

Yeah, I am still here

Though it has been a weird week.

After a fabulous visit last week with our fabulous niece, I faced spring break and the need to clean out the garage. I have not mentioned it here, but we are trying to remodel that space into something useful--well, more useful than the storage of random crap ... and a lawnmower.

The weird part of the week, however, began Saturday night when we attended a film about and concert with Wanda Jackson--the Oklahoma contribution to women in rock. Most of this was pretty cool, but there was also a fairly weird quality to this evening that I can't quite untangle. Parts tent meeting and altar call, and parts 1050s bad girl dating Elvis, mixed with parts current performer and forthcoming member of the Rock Hall of Fame. The entire thing had me feeling like world's were colliding in some way that unsettled me a little.

Monday, I started working on the garage with a borrowed truck (used to be my truck) and giving away some of the crap from the garage. Along the way, I had a great coffee with my friend JS, and even had a great little connection to an electrical contractor who has done a lot of work for us over the years, and with whom I feel a friendship.

That was cool.

Tuesday, I made my first visit to a chiropractor's office. I grew up with the sense that they were not legitimate, but have just had so many friends who tell me how much help their chiropractor has been to them. After a month or so of nagging back pain, I broke down and went to one in the city that came highly recommended. He is a pretty nice guy, and uses this cool little computerized tool to stimulate the muscles in the back. I went back yesterday, and am scheduled to go again tomorrow. Not terribly convenient, but so far, it has been intriguing and even helpful. We shall see.

Last night, I enjoyed a few beers with a history colleague from Germany. My favorite moment, I think, was when I mentioned the conservatives talking about Obama leading us into socialism. I believe he nearly spit out beer, and then became a little irritated at this nonsense. I told him that I had decided to start referring to our National Parks as "Socialized Nature," and will now accuse everyone who uses our Interstate Highway system at all as "socialists."

Well, it amused me.


steves said...

Funny that you should mention a chiro. I have been considering going to one because of some recent back pain. I have some doubts, mostly because I had a friend that was seriously injured by a chiropractor. I also thought that some of the things they promised were a little far fetched (like being able to cure mental disorders through manipulation). I am willing to give it a try, though, hoping that it will give me some relief.

I am getting tired of the socialism talk, too. I think that word is rapidly becoming overused and it only distracts from discussing the real problems with the economy and the spending.

ubub said...

Socialized nature! Brilliant!

leighton said...

I live less than two blocks from a city-funded socialized nature park. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to start handing out copies of Mao's Little Red Book?