April 18, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott cuts aid to the disabled

This is the logic of conservatism. Rather than raise taxes, they will, and are, cutting actual help to actual living disabled people.

I am starting to think that Leighton had it right all along, that the "death panels" (and other examples) are just projections of what conservatives want to do. Since that is how they would deal with it, they just assume that liberals will follow suit.

As I have said repeatedly, I know that many Republicans don't actually belief this, and want reduced government spending, but not cuts for the neediest. At least that is what my conservative friends tell me. Perhaps it is time to just change the name of the party to the Ayn Rand Party, motto, "We Have Ours, You Can Just Suck It."


Smitty said...

I swear to the unholy minions of Hell that if I have to hear or see one more Atlas Shrugged/Ayn Rand Bookface status, quote, movie review, book review or comment (that isn't otherwise generally derisive, like your comment is, which is good), I will end shit in a way that only a deranged Marine can.

Seriously. They all are buying into her "help actually hurts people" mantra.

steves said...

Wow, that is just terrible. Typically, most states fund services to the developmentally delayed very well. Florida must be making some major cuts if they are willing to cut these kinds of services.

I just don't understand why increasing taxes to the wealthiest is not even allowed to be considered. Many in the GOP seem to think that things would be better if the gov't were run like a business. A business will raise prices as a way to increase revenue. This is same thing as raising taxes. I just don't understand why this can't be done.

Francis P said...

right on, Streak. Too bad people can't be more humane, like our pets.

leighton said...

This is somewhat off topic, but your favorite anti-history historian claims to have a Biblical reason for declaring that net neutrality is wicked. This is another example of how I don't just disagree with the far right; I think their priorities are something that mental health professionals would want to examine carefully in less affluent people.

Streak said...

Argh. Amazing that people actually listen to David Barton. That, I will never understand.