April 21, 2011

How American healthcare compares to the rest of the world

Full disclosure. I received this link in an email from someone who evidently promotes various web content and came across our little blog. Naturally, I am a little suspicious, but the information looks rather interesting. So I post it with that caveat.

US Healthcare vs. the Rest of the World | Business PunditWhy Your Stitches Cost $1,500 - Part One
Via: Medical Billing And Coding


Smitty said...

I largely agree with the points, but some of the vagaries of the criteria are bothersome.

--OK, so scrips are 2x more expensive in the states than the Netherlands, but what about hospital visits or having babies? They compare other countries there. Could be Netherlands is outta whack in those areas too, which would point to other stressers in their health system;
--What is "quality care?" what makes that? What if the criteria suck? We'll never know.
--What is "safe" care?
--What is "patient-centered" care?
--What is "efficiency"? GOBS of stuff can be efficient.
--What is a "productive" life?
Etc. Etc.

The point is, we can look like we suck, and I honestly believe that in many ways we really do suck at health care spending, but I don't know what these measurements-of-suck actually mean, without context. My life is pretty fucking productive, thank you very much. What makes an Auzzie's better than mine?? When I have a problem, my family physician is normally spot-on with a diagnosis and I am better in quick turn. What's less "quality" about that than Germany or Canada?

Anyway, we have huge health care spending problems here for sure. They are in part because we tend to, say, make poor people use ERs as primary care facilities and make hospitals foot the bill out of their own pockets while we cut fucking taxes.

steves said...

I am somewhat skeptical about the rankings, too, but that doesn't negate the fact that we suck miserably when it comes to access to care. If you have good insurance, the care you receive is excellent. OTOH, if you do not have insurance or have minimal insurance, you do not have good health care.