April 21, 2011

Paul Ryan Gets Booed

After dealing with my tea bagger student three days a week, I have to say that I loved seeing this clip where Paul Ryan Gets Booed By Constituents For Opposing Tax Hikes On Rich. Further, polling from the WaPo shows that people are more in favor of raising taxes on the rich than they are cutting Medicare. And I think that the Koch brothers may someday regret stirring up this pot, because once people believe there is serious inequity, like other narratives, that will become the mantra. I really don't quite understand why the super rich don't realize that being seen as the top 1% getting all the money is not ultimately good for even them.

But in the meantime, the right wing continues to go after the middle class worker--when they aren't voting to end Medicare. Teachers, nurses and firefighters have been maligned in the right wing's attempt to demonize unions. I understand why the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch hate unions and anyone who would dare ask for more money. These people hate minimum wage laws and bans on child labor.

What I don't understand are the supposedly intelligent conservatives standing by while the right wing demonizes teachers and firefighters. Anglican noted the other night that the damn greedy teachers were often working at outside jobs to make ends meet. I used to understand conservatives. They opposed administrator jobs that paid too well, and generally opposed anyone lazy getting a handout. How those same conservatives now bash teachers as "over-paid" or "part-time" workers? I have no idea.

But I do know that any of them who either cheer this crap, or look the other way while the right wing does their dirty work for them--they should be ashamed.

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