April 2, 2011

More reason to loathe conservatives who use religion

This, from one of the Wisconsin Republicans targeted for recall (and evidently the Democrats have the signatures to start the recall--or however that happens--for this tool). Anyway, he has taken to telling crowds that he has found Jesus in this process. Or something. And check out what he says about the idiot governor.
"I'm not ashamed to tell you I've read the Bible more than I ever have," Kapanke said.

"Awesome," a woman in the crowd said.

"So have we," said another man.

Kapanke shared a story of meeting one-on-one with Walker, who he said had a book about leadership through the Bible.

"How can you go wrong following a leader that obviously gets his mission on this earth?" Kapanke asked.
What a moron, and shame on every Christian listening who didn't just wince at that comment. If they really think that Walker is on a "mission from God" to destroy unions, then they might as well shred their Bibles. They aren't using them, and certainly aren't using any brain cells.


Smitty said...

It drives me completely insane that by somehow reading the bible and taking a class with a pastor, someone can play the "can't touch me...I'm on a mission from God" card. It's the adult equivalent of the schoolyard "oh yeah? Force field times infinity!"

steves said...

Scary stuff. I don't doubt that there are people doing God's work, but tend to think that they are the ones running soup kitchens, tending to the terminally ill, running youth programs, etc. I somehow doubt that destroying unions is what God wants.

Kudos to the ELCA who has come out in support of the unions in Wisconsin.

Streak said...

If it were only school-yard stuff, right? Instead, this has power beyond that because other fundamentalists hear this as a dog whistle.

Steve, I also saw a poll that said that Americans as a whole are more supportive of the unions than the Republican governors. Not overwhelmingly, but enough to cause some concern in GOP political circles, I suspect.

steves said...

The UAW saw some significant growth in membership this past year. I have seen several polls that suggest what you are saying. I hope voters remember this, come next election.