April 11, 2011

Republicans won't rest until every poor person is worse off

Congress Readies For More Budget Battles : NPR

And they are willing to fuck around with the debt ceiling to get there. Even if that means defaulting, which, as everyone with a brain cell knows, is the dumbest thing that even Tea Partiers could do. Hell, I wonder if even Sarah Palin is this dumb.

Actually, I don't. This would be right up her alley. All show and no substance. All cruelty and no governing.

And all of this, btw, from Republicans who still refuse to even consider raising taxes. I read this morning that Eric Cantor has already rejected Obama's call to raise taxes on the rich, because that would be bad for the economy. No problem firing public workers or cutting programs (that means jobs, Eric). But dare raise taxes on the rich and our economy goes into another recession?

These people are not only the dumbest I have seen in American history--well, since the last time they ran the government into the ground in the 1920s--but are also the most shameless. Whoring out for the richest 2%.

I know I do a lot of these rants. But I am not sure how else to face the world. As I have joked, I wish I could just turn off any concern I have for others and become a Republican. After all, I don't have kids. Why should I care if we screw over the next generation. SOF and I have healthcare (for now, anyway) and are able to pay our bills. Why should I care? Where do I go to get that part of my brain removed?

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