April 5, 2011

Republicans Embrace Cruelty

Not sure how else to see it. Paul Ryan's "roadmap" for deficit reduction targets the poor and disabled. He plans to eliminate Medicaid and phase out Medicare.

Just curious, Mr. Ryan, what will you do when elderly with pre-existing conditions are denied coverage, or simply won't be able to afford coverage? Is this the death panel nonsense Palin has been talking about? If you can't afford to live, then you die?

And let's not forget that Medicaid goes to help the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. It assists with nursing homes and people with severely disabled children. In the name of "life" Republicans want to cut those programs? Seriously?

We are back to the world I talked about the other day, where some conservatives simply don't care what happens to the poor and disabled. Since it isn't happening to them, they couldn't care less.

Then I read today that Florida's Republican governor has advocated slashing the budget for severely disabled children.

Don't tell me this GOP cares about the poor. They do not.


Smitty said...

Must be nice for those folks, who by fortune of birth were born without disabilities into families of enough means to live with a modicum of comfort, to be able to guide the rest of the proletariat into what's right.

I mean, we're just too broke to take care of the old and poor, who are too expensive. And sinful! Their condition is their fault after all.

Stop bugging them, Streak. Our corporate bosses will make it all better. The free market will take care of our poor, sick, and elderly.

local seo services said...

Everyone is pointing the finger and blaming Obama, but you stupid Americans need to BLAME BUSH, he is a leader of middle eastern genocide and world poverty and he is sleeping each night in a mansion funded by tax payers, americans are the dumbest people ever, don't you realize your tax money doesn't go into welfare or food stamps, it goes to politicians like bush. Only in America will you meet the dumbest ppl in the world.

Streak said...

Just goes to show that some of our trolls are international. Nice contribution there, local whatever. Nice.

Bob said...

"...but you stupid Americans need to BLAME BUSH,"

The stupid Americans here, pretty much hate Bush, so maybe you should upgrade your reading comprehension skills.

leighton said...

Eh, that's just a guy paid pennies per comment to click through captchas to try to scam Google into bumping up his employer's search optimization service. No point responding. Probably the best thing is delete entries like that outright so it won't provide that company any benefit for longer than a couple weeks at a time.

steves said...

I read the article. There seem to be some large questions and I say that Ryan owes us answers. I can't see this as anything but harmful, though.