July 18, 2011

Bachmann Nation: Where facts don't matter

The Washington post has a poll that shows that a majority of Republicans and Tea Partiers think that the debt ceiling doesn't need to be raised and nothing bad will happen if it is not.

Which reminds me of why the Republican part has become so unbelievable. They simply reject inconvenient facts. So a vast majority of evolutionary biologists knows that evolution is fact, not some vague idea? You find the one scientists who has questions and he or she becomes your standard bearers. Vast majority of climate scientists believe climate change is human caused? You just find that one guy (I was sent a link one time that proved climate change wasn't real--it was from an astrologer) and you just say, "there are many theories out there. The science isn't in."

Except it is. But when you are a Bachmann Republican, you just "conclusion shop" until you can find a historian who has Paul Revere ringing bells, or an economist who thinks that the default is no big deal. It doesn't matter if the guy is an idiot, because his knowledge doesn't matter either. What only matters is what you want to believe. There is a part of me that is a little jealous of that. I wish I could just deny my fears about climate change or economic collapse.

But I live in a real world where species adapt, and carbon increases the temperature, and when one of the biggest economies in the world refuses (out of spite) to pay its bills, there are going to be consequences.

In other words, I think, therefore I am no longer even eligible for the Republican party.

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