July 10, 2011

USA Women win one of the most amazing contests I have ever seen

Wambach, Solo key dramatic US win over Brazil - World Soccer - Yahoo! Sports

What a damn game. It had everything. Bad luck, bad refs, some nice plays, and then one phenomenal cross in extra time when the game was just about done--followed by a header into the back of the net. Then another great save in penalty kicks to push the Americans past the Brazilians.

The bad ref just about ruined it all, and highlights how a bad ref can really screw up this game. Of course, they can fuck up any sport, but the premium on scoring in soccer really makes it a bigger impact--at least to me.

But what a game.

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Smitty said...

My buddy's Facebook post: Tomorrow's headline: "Despite Close Shave, Brazilians Waxed"