July 7, 2011

GOP and the wealthy win

Two stories from this morning that completely ruined my coffee. The first Chris Hayes called "terrifying" is this story about Obama floating deep Social Security cuts to assuage the fucking ransoming GOP. Yeah, let's take the best social safety net of the last 100 years and offer it up as a chip to hijackers for what? Yeah, for what? For nominal talks about closing loopholes--oh, and the GOP says that any loophole closed has to be paid for. No new revenue. Fuckers.

But when asked about the idea of shared sacrifice, the GOP is clear about who they serve. Leave 'Em Alone! Republicans Explain How The Rich Can Contribute To Debt Reduction | TPMDC.

A shorter version? The rich make jobs, and they already pay taxes, so leave them alone. Beg them to stay and make jobs. That is their sacrifice. Never mind that they continue to get richer and richer and leave people behind. And never mind that all of this is intended on further distancing the rich from any obligation to the poor and middle class.

A bad day, and a bad day for Obama. He is selling us out.


Bob said...

Never mind that the SS systems does not add to our deficit, infact, the trust fund finances our debt.

Streak said...

Right, but of course, the purpose here is not to reduce the debt, but rather to remove the social safety net.

Barak said...


steves said...

What cuts to SS are we talking about? I thought they had floated around the idea of raising the retirement age and several other things that escape me at this time.

As much as I would love to retire sooner rather that later, I would rather put it off a few years if it meant making sure that system remained well funded and my children didn't have to bear an unreasonable burden. With life expectancy going up and the number of retired people going up, something has to be done.

That being said, the tax cuts have to expire, IMO. Reinstate them some time in the future when the economy is doing better, but for now, they can pay a little more.