July 7, 2011

More on the GOP's war on the poor

Saw this tweet from columnist Charles Blow:
CharlesMBlow: ...Pain for Dem constituents (the poor) will be real. There are many of them. Pain for Repubs will be on principle. How many ppl own jets?
And it is worth walking out. The cuts that Republicans have already enacted and are pushing for will result in actual and real deprivation. Elderly people who can't quite have their prescription and their food. Or middle class people struggling to pay for nursing home care--or that family with the disabled child.

Those people will miss meals, suffer more hardship, and in some cases will die sooner than they would have.

On the other hand, the rich are being asked to dip into their rising wealth. Inequality is growing at leaps and bounds, but we will continue to ask the poor to contribute to the deficit and bow to the wealthy.

And clearly, for conservative Christians, social justice is simply not important.

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leighton said...

Mostly on topic, your twitter post that abbreviates "Conservative" as "Con" seems very semantically appropriate.