July 22, 2011

Republicans are irresponsible. Period.

Word comes tonight that Republicans have broken off talks with the White House on the debt ceiling. As Pandagon notes, this isn't rational:
"I love Republicans saying no plan has been offered and then saying that Obama's plan would be terrible. #logic"
What I love is that Republicans are so concerned about the deficit that they want only the poor and elderly to pay. Rich Republicans and Democrats need not be bothered. But if you are poor and disabled, or elderly and on a fixed budget, or about to be elderly, or about to be poor--their word to you is to "suck it."

A Republican friend of mine asked me if I thought that Republicans didn't care about the poor and elderly. I told him, truthfully, that I thought most actual Republican voters were not like that. He is a good example of someone who does a lot of work to help people. But he doesn't seem to recognize what his party is doing in his name. He has been distracted by abortions and gays, and simply assumes that the Republicans are actually fiscally responsible.

They are not. And they aren't even close.


Rothchild said...

If there isn't enough money to fund the social programs to the satisfaction of the Democrats (and there never is), just get the Federal Reserve to print more money and give it to the government.

No, that won't work. The Bankers would never do it. They want to print the money and then LEND it to the government, at interest. With the full cooperation of Obama and Congress. For a minute there, I forgot how "the system" works.

Streak said...

I would respond to this, but it strikes me as so stupid that the writer would be better of punching himself in the mouth. Dumb. Dumber. Dumbest. Republican.

Rothchild said...


That you would think my comments dumb proves that you don't understand economics. But then, you don't understand much of anything.

Streak said...

If that were true, then we wouldn't have had fiscal responsibility under Clinton and complete disarray under Bush. We wouldn't have seen the federal budget going into a nosedive under Republican rule while rich assholes get even richer.

If you can refute any part of my original post, then you can stay and chat. If you can show me how Republicans are doing anything other than throwing the poor and elderly under the bus, then do so. Other wise, fuck off.