July 26, 2011

Southern Baptist shameless liar--Richard Land

I have been watching Land off and on over the years, and have had moments where I almost respected him. He was one of few SBC leaders to apologize for slavery and segregation--albeit years after when it was safe to do.

But it is clear that he is a shameless liar for the right. And a further reminder that the bogie men of my youth were misplaced. It wasn't the feminists I needed to fear, but the Souther Baptist leaders--wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible.

I will also say that watching the Republican party drive our country's economy off the cliff, I am reminded how many of them proclaim their Christian faith. That has worked out so well, hasn't it?

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Smitty said...

Another shining example of positive Christian behavior.

I don't know why I still act indignant when someone twists a set of imaginary rules, laid out in a series of retold-thousandfold stories used to force a collection of semi-hostile tribes together into 1 "nation", to fit their own end, including using it as justification to demonize another group, based on the same set of stories.

Faith is a wedge issue. Silly.