July 8, 2006


I really respect the conservative point of view--I just wonder where it has gone. I like debating the merits of policy, but the conservatives in this country seem to have left that behind. Not all, by any stretch, but as my previous post noted, the nature of acceptible dissent seems to have shifted.

Witness the discussion at Moral Contradictions where Nathan had this quote from Sinclair Lewis:
'When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.'

The quote is a warning, not a conclusion and so was Nathan's post. The first comment, however, dismissed Nathan for demonizing conservatives and using strawmen, as if there is absolutely no reason for concern.

And I have no reason to doubt the commenter's motives or intelligence. Yet, the examples of reasoned and cordial debate seem lacking.

Witness a truly scary phenomenon occurring among the conservative right. As Glenn Greenwald chronicles, conservatives like Michelle Malkin and David Horowitz have published the home addresses of people they didn't like in a clear effort to intimidate. I am actually afraid to even visit their websites, because I don't want them to know about me, but what could possibly justify this? And how does this reflect on conservative values?

As I have said many times, we are not living in a fascist state, nor is George Bush a fascist. I think he is incompetent and arrogant, but a long way from fascist dictator.

But we are living in perilous times when dissent is easily confused with treason. That should bother conservatives as much as it should liberals. Just as we all have much to fear from a combination of religious fundamentalism with government control. I read somewhere the other day that James Dobson's political wing, led by white supremacist (or sympathizer) Tony Perkins is considering an alternative way to add their gay bashing amendment to the constitution. If their senate and house repubs won't do it, they are considering a state led call for a constitutional convention, where the entire document could be vulnerable to rewrite. By people like James Dobson and D. James Kennedy.

That should scare the shit out of all of us.

Still waiting for the grownup Repubs and Christians to speak out. Still waiting.


Nathan said...

Thanks for the injection of sanity over there. The paradox (or dare I say contradiction) of accusing me of demonization while demonizing me, despite no such basis, is revealing.

The quicker the knee-jerk defensive reaction, the higher my eyebrows raise.

Streak said...

No problem.