July 18, 2006

What some people are calling a conservative civil war

Check out Gregory Djjerejian's take on the right wing. I might have to apologize to Gordon for suggesting that conservatives haven't spoken up against the wingnuts in their party, but here Djjerejian is taking on Jonah Goldberg and the NRO. (Also see his link to George Will's lambasting of the neo-cons).

One of the problems, however, is that when people like Andrew Sullivan or other conservatives actually criticize Bush and the neo-cons, they are often labeled liberals. Which is actually pushing some of these conservatives rather hesitantly into the Democratic camp--simply because the Repubs have been captured by the wingnut convention. Take a little read through here and see how many of the neo-cons--having learned NOTHING from Iraq--now want more war. Invade! Invade! Invade!

Sure, nation building isn't working in Iraq where sectarian violence is erupting daily (hundreds killed on a daily basis) but we can do it in Syria and Iran. And then on to North Korea. And while we are at it, we can topple Venezuela, and even Massachusetts. Neo-cons, it appears, certainly don't lack for confidence. Little things like facts or evidence don't seem to faze them. Perhaps that is why they are so popular with the religious fundamentalists in our own country.


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