July 14, 2006

The world is a scary place

Made all the scarier by people like this. Evangelical fundamentalists, like John Hagee, are actually cheering this bloodfest in Israel and the entire Middle East, because in their warped thinking, this will hasten the second coming.

I freely admit that apocalyptic talk scares the shit out of me. It gets me at a pretty basic level. Listening to people like Hagee can make me consider huffing model airplane glue. Seriously, the brain damage would be worth it.

Watching the news is incredibly tough these days. And the Israeli/Palestinian problem--never really far from our consciousness--is front and center. Make no mistake about it, I understand that Hamas and Hezbollah are bad people. I understand that, as our unbelievably inarticulate and hopeless President put it: "Israel has a right to defend herself."

No doubt. Israel faces a lot of people who profess the desire to push them into the sea. But Israel has not always acted in good faith. How many civilians can you kill for a few kidnapped soldiers?

And our evangelical president, instead of pushing for peace, is more worried about the pig roast he was going to later that day. Sigh. Please, let's try to work for peace. And please, let's not listen to fat idiots like John Hagee.


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ubub said...

Maybe it's not pig, maybe they are truly commemorating recent events by cooking up My Pet Goat.